One of the event’s key objectives is to foster a community of EU border guardianship with shared values and priorities. Above all it is an expression of appreciation and celebration of Europe’s border-management authorities and their personnel.

The European Day for Border Guards is an annual event taking place on 25 May each year. The second edition of the European Day for Border Guards will be organized in Warsaw, in Gromada Lotnisko hotel.

The event will include several targeted panel discussions on themes ranging from experiences from the recent RABIT operation and border security from the perspective of citizens, but also discussions focussed on the latest technologies and their use and influence in border management.

The main conference will focus on opportunities and challenges that arise from the changing situation in North Africa and the Middle East.

Additionally photo exhibition, movies screening, and industry exhibition together with an exhibition by national Border Guards Authorities will take place.

Please find below the site events taking place during the European Day for Border Guards:

  • Industry exhibition: what is the potential role for GIS and remote-sensing capabilities in providing operational geospatial products that would support rapid and accurate decision-making and contribute to the prevention of illegal migration?
  • National Border Guards Authorities exposition: drop by, get in touch, share views and network with peers and colleagues from all across Europe.
  • Frontex Media Monitor – Tutorial and live demonstration: The Frontex Media Monitor tutorial is meant to present to the border guard community the functionalities of this media monitoring tool, built with the purpose of enhancing awareness and reaction capability on operational and institutional issues published by European press. The tool retrieves close to real time information from the media, on a 24-hour basis, and organizes articles into categories of relevance to the border and law enforcement agencies.
  • Frontex Information exchange web portal: FOSS (Frontex One Stop Shop) – Tutorial and live demonstration: The aim of the presentation is to introduce the Frontex One Stop Shop – FOSS to current and potential users, focusing on its purpose, scope, content, state of play and practical guidelines. The tutorial will cover interactive presentation from the users’ perspective on the use of FOSS in various areas and allow to test the use of FOSS as well as to ask practical questions.
  • Joint Operations Reporting Application” (JORA)- Tutorial and live demonstration: Joint Operation Reporting Application (JORA) is a web-based application which will enable Frontex and Member States staff involved in Joint Operations to efficiently and effectively exchange and validate operational data. During this live demonstration main JORA functionalities and capabilities will be presented, such as the online data collection mechanism, interactive operational dashboard and online access management. Audience will be able to interact with the system and provide feedback in respect to its usability.
  • Training exposition: coordinated by the Frontex Training Unit, you are welcome to find information about Frontex Partnership Academies and win a prize in Document Olympic
  • Photos exhibition: see the works presented by border guards from all Europe that took part in photo contest organized by Frontex. The theme of the exposed photos is the broad subject of Freedom and Security.
  • Border related movies screening: if you want to quiet out for a moment, get into the cinema room. A selection of award-winning fiction movies and documentaries will be screened, presenting different looks and thoughts about the frontiers between countries and cultures.
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