What is European Day for Border Guards

The European Day for Border Guards (ED4BG) is an annual event, organised by Frontex, taking place second half of May each year.

ED4BG presents Europe’s border-guard community with an opportunity to share experiences and best practice. It provides a forum for topical discussion, exchange of views between key border-management players, and a platform to bring together the worlds of public service and private industry.

One of the event’s key objectives is to foster a community of EU border guardianship with shared values and priorities. Above all it is an expression of appreciation and celebration of Europe’s border-management authorities and their personnel.

European Day for Border Guards 2017


  • Julie Norris

    Dr Julie Norris is a forensic psychologist with wide experience in the design, development and validation of law enforcement learning and training programmes. She has worked for An Garda Síochána, the Irish national police service, Frontex and Interpol, specialising in the development of operationally relevant, practical courses that meet the standards of the Bologna and Copenhagen processes.

  • Fabrice Leggeri

    Fabrice Leggeri, as of 16 January 2015 Frontex’s Executive Director. He was born on 28 March 1968. He joined the French Ministry of Interior as Deputy Head and later the Head of a unit dealing with cross border traffic, borders and visas.

  • Exhibitors

    Find out more about exhibitors during ED4BG 2017.

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  • Cinema

    By presenting both documentaries and works of fiction, ED4BG Cinema hopes to spark a discussion about the challenges at and beyond the continental frontiers.

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  • ED4BG on the road

    This programme takes ED4BG twice a year to different Frontex Partnership Academies and the virtual world to present interesting topics related to border management to a wider audience.

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